Building Virtual Worlds

The Three Projects below were featured in the Building Virtual Worlds 2009 Show! :
1. Loony Balloony's Nightmare 2. Statues 3. Bananarama

Loony Balloony's Nightmare
A frantic game where the player protects Loony from the sharp things by controlling a virtual umbrella!

Platform: Playmotion

An emotional story about a couple that adopts a robot baby...

Platform: HMD (Head Mounted Display)

A crazy game where the audience control the giant monkey who sees the two evil scientists as bananas.

Platform: Audience Interaction (monkey) and Wiimotes (scientists)

Speech Data Collection is a project I am worked on during Summer of 2009.
The project was advised by Gregory Aist for Project LISTEN.

Project Description: My job was to make a game that collects massive amounts of children's speech data.
Along with the speech data, I needed to obtain an accurate transcription of the speech data.
This data is used to train speech recognition software in
an Automated Reading Tutor for children that listens.

Challenges: The game needs to collect children's speech.
So the game needs to be fun, simple, and educational, but somehow be able to
filter out adult voices.

Privacy is an important aspect because the target audiences are children.

Current State of the Project: The approach I took for this project was to design and develop
an interactive website where users collaboratively voice act to make stories/plays.
At the end of the summer, I have finished the Design document of the website and also a prototype of the website.
Design document
Prototype website: